Pew by Catherine Lacey

on LI

A book review

Blurb: One Sunday morning, a mysterious silent figure is found sleeping in a church in an unnamed American town. The congregants call this amnesiac 'Pew' and seek to uncover who they are: their age; their gender, their race, their intentions. Are they an orphan, or something worse? What terrible trouble is Pew running from? And why won't they speak?

Notes: Odd but intriguing. Narrated first person from inside Pew's head, who we know nothing about (no idea of age and gender or race) other than they can't remember anything. As a reader you have no idea what is going on or anything about Pew. However it is quite compelling and makes me want to learn more. As I often repeat I read to be entertained not challenged and this book kept me intrigued enough to want to read more.